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Mergers & Acquisitions

Your business grows higher and better by foucssing on internal and external growth. Time taken for growing internally is longer than the external expansion. Having strategic thoughts like mergers & acquisitions,business takeovers can strengthen your external growth effectively.

Merging or acquiring your business is the strategic path any organisation adopts as it highlights the business agenda in a mammoth way. It becomes a historical record and you make your announcement to the world about your competitive advantage. This implies for any business across the world.

Having said that M&A is inevitable for business expansion, it has its pros and cons though. This is a crucial factor for every business to seek the M&A specialists’ solutions

SBS thrives to extend its broad spectrum of products and services designed exclusively to the businesses. Every of our clients experience our everlasting support in each stage of their business process irrespective of being a buyer or a seller.


Selling is a critical and significant part of any business transaction that it can have in its history. Having an investment consultant is the best choice that any successful business adopt and experience the consultant’s exemplary contributions like

  • Have an overview of the uniqueness of your business and industry
  • Bring back the successful past to the established future through strategic dealing
  • Builds networks widely to create prospective buyers


Having stalwart support for acquisition is salient and SBS has a demonstrative experience in taking hold of your buy-side process on behalf of you.

Our collaborative discussion and understanding from the buyers’ perspective take us forward to approach, filter, create structured proposals for negotiating with the companies representing your business.

SBS can also extend its financial support if you look forward to having in your acquisition process

Get SBS’s Stage Support for Strategic Solutions

Due Diligence

Synergy Planning & Capture

M&A Strategy & Execution

Taxation Advisory in M&A

Post M&A Performance Improvement

SBS’s comprehensive and Tailor made process implementation


Understanding the requirements




Explore the buyers


Proposal presentation to the Buyers




Closure of Deals

Financial Advisory

Investment or fund flow is a business vein to have streamlined functioning of business, aids growth, promotes business restructuring, strengthens expansion strategy like M&A, and money-oriented business activity. SBS possess proven expertise in establishing your objectives.

SBS can raise all tranches of capital, including

Senior Debt

Mezzanine debt