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CFO Services

CFO is a prominent figure in business to lead business growth with innovations and strategies, widened understandings of cost management, and ensuring compliance.

Having a balanced business lead between growth and sustaining is the herculean task for every entrepreneur. Alongside present pandemic situation across the universe led to the increased challenges and toughened the system. The world witnesses the GDP fall, demand-supply inappropriate ratio, and business uncertainty at all levels.

SBS is behind the business owners and every entrepreneur irrespective of business size and type. We are ready to provide our extensive support through our CFO services and you can experience the expertise of Qualified finance professionals. Their leadership and result can create an incomparable and competitive business strategies

Our Core Services include

Business Restructure

  • Restructure financial investment to fulfill business requirements to handle the critical business scenario
  • Envisioned business future
  • Financial restructuring
  • Investment expertise

Finance & Accounting outsourcing

  • Automated finance & accounting process
  • Inhouse accounting & reporting structure
  • Systematized KPI structure report
  • Financial performance result

Comprehensive Performance management

  • Strategic Modelling & Planning
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Business Performance
  • Improvement
  • Implementation Advisory
  • Data Science / Analytics

Transitional Leadership & Executive Advisory

Get the on-trend practical services and strategic solutions from the adventurous Finance Executives and finance stalwarts. They bring in their business frame of reference and industrial fund of experiential knowledge.

Trust SBS wholeheartedly at your times of critical business need. If you look forward to instituting a transitional leadership period we make your roadways clear to have effective results, acquaintance. Join us to explore ways to achieve goals.

SBS helps identify and overcome roadblocks and achieve results faster

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You require our extended support and sustenance in the zone of the accounting & finance process

You look forward to having the digital conceptual internalization

You seek the hold up for organizational restructure comprising merger, takeovers, joint ventures, or any leadership structural change

You are in a challenging scenario to adhere to the reporting needs or to explore internal control weaknesses

You require goals, guidance, and incessant advice to deploy new initiatives or to discharge the duties of senior finance leadership

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