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The prime factor of any business or venture is to get thorough analyses and details in accordance with taxation legitimacy internally and globally. Competition is ever increasing and to withstand with strong footed it is essential to know the business nitty-gritty.

Embrace SBS’ promise of delivering expertise in Corporate and Taxation governance. It has marked its service presence in South Asian countries with the below services

Our Core Services include

Our vigorous service can work like a tax engine for every one of our clients. Our role has a comprehensive package like leading, supporting, and combining every other need of the customers matching the needs of the departments as well the organization’s objectives. Our solutions become a value-added by offering the maximum component which supports the smooth functioning of the tax department.

Company Registration

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Seek our help for your company’s flexible registration;

  • Limited
  • Private Limited
  • LLP
  • Partnership
  • Properitship
  • Public limited

Know better from SBS how swiftly and easily you can complete your company registration in India;

  • Complete our Simple Form
  • Obtain DSC and DPIN for LLP
  • Verification and Name Approval
  • Document Submission
  • Your work is completed

Foreign Direct Investment & Compliance

The internal expertise of SBS ensures your FDI compliances perfectly as well as work towards making you clear about the process through our guidance. Get a thorough understanding and knowledge on channels of foreign investment, clarifying foreign remittance & FEMA/RBI queries, regular filing of annual returns, capital structure remittance, and many more in the list.

Corporate Law Services

This is specifically to monitor the company’s acts and associated acts.

RoC officers’ prime responsibility is to register the companies as per the norms and ensure that the company is perfect in their annual return filings process. They should also check the balance sheets and associated documents to avoid issues. Alongside RoC perform regulated investigation in offenses with regard to the criminal and civil cases.

According to the Court order, Official Liquidators take control of companies’ liquidation. They become responsible for debt recovery, asset management, auctions, claims, and so on.

Regional Directorates are headed by Regional Directors and approximately in India, seven Directorates are available. They manage the Roc’s work and his duties as well.

Corporate Taxation Services

Tax regulations evolve with stringent policies and processes emphasizing the criticality of receiving the strategic approach to make your tax planning fit into the goals and compliances. Our responsibility is to shoulder your tax planning and you can streamline your focus towards business success.

Experience our enriched expert’s contribution towards your tax planning and also possess comprehended economic view to make your regulations aligned with norms

Our scope of services covers:

  1. Corporate secretarial service
  2. Accounting Service.
  3. GST filing services
  4. Corporate Tax services
  5. Bookkeeping Services

Global Tax Planning and Tax Advisory

It’s really expensive to understand international tax as people who operate business globally might face this complexity of implementing standards.

Clear and obvious that regulations change according to the country and it is mandatory to know the respective country’s regulations if you have plans to establish a business. Incorporating laws globally, having international investors, and setting up multiple branches are not that simple but possible with the expertise solutions.

Your demands are met on time and responded aptly with SBS as they deploy strategies and approaches having incorporated extensive experience. We are networked globally in understanding the legal relationships to promote businesses. Avail our team’s knowledgeable transactions in the field like tax provisions, cross border transactions, reporting compliance on an international level, and many more.

Source our assistance to deploy the international tax strategies along with the below options;

  • Investment structuring
  • ASC 740 assistance
  • International tax consulting
  • Tax compliance and audit defense
  • Cross-border cash planning: dividend repatriation, funding, currency issues
  • Due diligence
  • Coordination with worldwide audit and tax advisors

Company Liquidation Services

Company liquidation obviously consumes a whole lot of time and your effort is much needed.

Get the team’s assistance in every one of your liquidating stages as it needs diligent expertise. Our continuous process and initiating steps would make your finalization of the liquidation process without any hassle.

Audit Services & Internal Audits

Risk Management is set in place when you gear up your audit work on time. Strengthen your auditing works to enable smooth functioning of the system and create space for efficient service.

Get the extended support from our audit professionals to have a clear view of your business and know the tactics perfectly in achieving the strategy. This channels your business operations and structures your process.

Explore the improvement areas and process your solutions to enhance the objectives.

Services include:

  • Provide advisory council to improve the internal power that can gear up the controlled environment
  • Get the expertise to strengthen the core business operation and know the ways to boost the business operations reliability
  • Get profound assistance in creating a bond between strategies and risk performance to achieve desired business goals
  • Pave your result-oriented way with our solutions to structure the change management and make employees adopt transition smoothly. This makes your effort efficient and aligns your training methods for skill development
  • Know the ways to evaluate your internal structure and process to release the transparent corporate governance

Regulatory Compliances

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We have our exclusive compliance team to perform centrally and state regulatory analysis in accordance with regulatory requirements. They guide in regulating meetings, providing training to accomplish the requirements

You can never afford to miss out an insightful delivery and timely solutions. Get amazed with comprehensive services, innovative designs, effective compliance management, and evaluative systems

We scrutinize, customize, and evaluate the needs of organizations and we come with effective sources to sort with accurate details.

Regulatory Compliance Issues We Solve

  • Retail, lending, and operational regulatory compliance audit and monitoring reviews
  • Bank regulatory compliance services
  • Compliance risk assessments
  • Compliance management system development and/or evaluation
  • Customized institutional practice compliance training

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