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Having structured policies and framework mirrors the business sustainability as it creates a chain of command. Managing employees becomes comfortable with our transformation services aiding you in analyzing the present system and shifting to the insightful structure.

Your vision gets accomplished only when your personnel aligns with your goals. We strive to work for the betterment of the team with aligned objectives. Our profound association with a multitude of businesses and firms enables us to be a strong force and supportive figure to our clients.

Engage with SBS experts and team to rationalize the existing setup and get extended with the service enhancements to maximize return on investment. We handhold the team to provide the expected results on the allotted works.

Organization design & culture

Organisational Design holds a predominant structure for the expected within the boundary. We make sure the apt integration of people, process and technology delienates to the well structured working environment. SBS traverses the fit implementation of systems and strategies to meet the business challenges.

Our Scope covers:

  • Organization Structure
  • Policy framing
  • HR policy manual
  • Employee HandBook
  • Job Description
  • Career Progression
  • Succession Planning
Achieved employees

Compensation & Benefits

There is a special place for the monetary aspect as it contributes much towards boosting loyalty towards organization. SBS makes it special altogether by working out the nitty gritty of your business needs and creates a well-defined compensation structure suiting the present demand. We desire not just your satisfaction but your delight for which our quality is the top-notch aim.

Never make a compromise in compensation benefits to the employees and at the same time it should not be cumbersome for the business. Losing the successors for a compromised compensation is an utter loss to the growth of the company. Rather deal with strategy and trust SBS can be well defined in redesigning the compensation structure.

Our Scope covers:

  • Salary Bandwidth
  • Other perks & benefits
  • Variable pay
  • Compensation benchmarking

Performance Management

Nurturing employees for a longitudinal stay is mandatory as it becomes an integral part of the HR constituent. Honing the homegrown talents is pivotal to enrich the retention factor and evidently it becomes the referral option. In a way making your employees falling on your line of command demands their satisfaction hike and unbiased approach in dealings.

Be assured of your progress with SBS as you have landed on the right place to have a dynamic shift. Our solutions provide metrics, create structure and implement a framework to establish a systematic and organised performance management system.

Our Scope covers:

  • KPI & KRA framing
  • Incentive structure
  • Performance evaluation & review
  • Succession planning
  • Reward & Recognition
  • Performance Appraisal

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is specific to enhance the enthusiasm and the spirit of dedication towards organization. When the employees are engaged it establishes a strong bond of care and performance hike in their respective works. This creates a psychological boost of their contribution creating a change.

Our Scope covers:

  • Team Building Activities
  • Spot Appreciations
  • Festival Celebrations
  • Sports Events
  • Annual Picnic
  • Team Outing
  • Award Night
  • Family Connect

Employee Background Verification

Get yourself worry free with our candidate background check as we are certain in the details to nullify problems ahead. We enforce a hassle free screening process for the candidates for the smooth completion of the background verification to avoid issues. Many clients cent percent count on SBS for their process establishments.

Our Scope covers:

  • Pre-Post Employment Verification
  • Education Verification/Academics Record Check
  • Residential Address Verification
  • Professional Reference Check
  • Identity verification
  • KYC Document Verifications

Employee Workplace Counseling

Workplace Counseling is a significant choice to be made by the organisation to create conflict free working zones. It enhances the personal empowerment of an individual as it assists in overcoming stress, personal problems and gaining emotional quotient. Moreover it makes people demarcate the difference between work and personal.

Workplace Counseling outcomes:

  • Personalised zone to share issues and problems
  • Controlled behavioural pattern
  • Helps in constructional decision making
  • Self exploration
  • Powerful decision making
  • Reduced employee absenteeism
  • Enhanced output and individual productivity

HR Audit & HR Advisory

Performing frequent audits can assure the progress of business and interpret the outcome of adopted ways. Established policies and procedures delineate to the vision and strategic proceedings. We explore the possible, potential and prospects of your business to meet the legal requirements. Never be late with your progress as SBS service can set clear roadmap with on time audit process.

Our Scope covers:

  • HR Policies, Manual & Handbook
  • Recruitment & Onboarding
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Employee Relations
  • Health & Safety
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Documents & Record Keeping
  • Best Practices
  • Compliance with law & regulations
  • Employee Retention

Employee Satisfaction Survey

SBS takes you through the process of designing and structuring ESS surveys constituting departmental and organization needs. Aiming to explore the areas of improvement to promote sustainable business results.

This emphasizes the heads and management to explore the business lacunae or departmental bottlenecks to sort out healthily and promote productive ambiance. Data analytics can present a better business view and its present path for future betterment. Partner with SBS to approach this survey strategically for secular solutions.

Satisfaction Survey Outcome:

  • Get a better picture of employee
  • Measured Employee satisfaction level
  • Tap the KRAs and KPIs
    Build a rapport
  • Create a communication channel
  • Explore satisfaction levels like
  • Job satisfaction
  • Reporting Authority
  • Managerial levels
  • Compensation & Policies
  • Workplace & Culture

Competency Mapping

Knowing employee’s strengths and weaknesses are the greatest parameters to assess the business’ growth. SBS handholds and provides expertise to determine the existing and the futuristic skills levels of the employees for effective business planning. This signifies the need for the periodical evaluation of the employees to establish the standard productivity throughout.

Our Scope covers:

  • Explore the employees strengths and AOIs
  • Role clarity and evaluation
  • Plan for the successors
  • Individual Standard establishment
  • Create sustainable valuesed
  • Engaged and Loyal employees

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